Finding yourself at a challenging crossroad?
Aware that it is time for a change but uncertain how to start?

I can help.

Whether your goal is improved self-esteem, relationships, wellness, stress-management, creative output or a better sense of direction, I offer guidance and tools that quickly help to get you on the right path.

Using a combination of archetypal analysis and hypnotherapy, I help clients understand their personal narrative and transform their lives with increased ingenuity, healthier living and/or improved relationships

The archetypal (Jungian) approach helps people to sort through outworn survival programming and to uncover their soul’s essence…their personal genius, in order to live a life of fulfillment and profound meaning. It also assists them in the challenging process of re-souling various aspects of their lives, be it their work, sport, creative pastime, travels or relationships.

Hypnotherapy helps with realistic daily concerns such habit control, performance, goal setting and focus along with foundational necessities such as sleep regulation, healthy nourishment, stress management and even pain relief.

Together we can make positive change by connecting with the unconscious and delving into the heroic story that wants to be lived on your life’s journey.

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Email: darlena.dench@gmail.com