Hypnotherapy Specialities

Hypnosis, together with ritual, has been used throughout the ages, in cultures all over the world as a means for transformation. It is an extremely effective tool when the client actively and sincerely participates in the process of creating change. Together, you and I consciously explore alternative means to understanding the challenges you face and the goals you wish to achieve. Once agreeing to an action plan, I help you to spark change while you are in a state of hypnosis. Then, between our sessions, you do your part to physically practice the changes, by devotedly doing the homework we discussed. In this way, you reinforce the work we did in hypnosis. Before long, you will notice some major shifts in the way you see, feel, experience and/or do things. Transformation happens!

What are YOUR goals?


Unlock potential, discover your inner genius and connect with a wellspring of deep positive regard for a life of meaning, purpose and direction.

I can help you with:
* Ambition
* Assertiveness
* Career Success
* Creativity
* Direction
* Dreams
* Encouragement
* Enthusiasm
* Inhibition
* Initiative
* Meaning
* Motivation
* Performance
* Purpose
* Reaching Goals
* Restlessness
* Self-Awareness
* Self-Confidence
* Self-Esteem
* Self-Image
* Success

Healthy Living

Improve foundational necessities such as sleep regulation, healthy nourishment, stress management and relief from pain.

I can help you with:
* Anxiety
* Addictions
* Anesthesia
* Boosting Immune System
* Changing Habits
* Eating Well
* Exercise Regularity
* Fitness Goals
* Healing
* Insomnia
* Nightmares
* Pain management
* Relaxation
* Stress management
* Sleeping well
* Sugar Addiction
* Smoking Cessation
*Trauma recovery
* Weight Loss
* Weight Management


Create loving and deeply connected relationships. Help foster and participate in healthier, more harmonious familial and communal systems.

I can help you with:
*Abandonment concerns
* Attraction
* Communication
* Family System Functioning
* Fear of Commitment
* Forgiveness
* Frustration
* Guilt
* Hostility
* Intimacy
* Isolation
* Jealousy
* Loss
* Mistrust
* Navigating Differences
* Relationship Enhancement
* Resentment
* Rejection
* Tending the relationship
* Tendencies toward criticism
* Victimization


Some issues may require psychological or medical referral.

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