The Jungian Approach

Our work together involves discerning the threads of the story you were meant to live, one that lives inside you in harmony with your soul’s purpose and innermost genius. Together we move away from the old, outdated, overgrown or inflated programming in order to discover the meaningful, heroic journey that calls to you from profound depths.

In order to discover your heroic story, we use time-tested tools that aid in the stimulation of imagination and therefore tap into the unconsious aspects of the psyche: we examine your dreams and the stories of your life, looking for key themes and personal associations. Such work fosters greater understanding and self-awareness. You set the pace and decide what to share. Together we create a plan, including “soul-tending homework” to ensure lasting changes and to help you to fully take care of your wellbeing and growth.

Depending on your interests and readiness, our potential tools include:

Dreamwork and/or Sandtray

Dreams offer the images and symbolic language of the unconscious. By regarding dream images with respect, we learn about hidden forces at work, driving our habits, impulses. Little by little, we also discover our authentic Self, our deep potential waiting to be heard. Sandtray work also offers this type of symbolic imagery work.

Writing and/or Art Exercises

Imagination offers a window to the soul. For some people, ideas constillate through the act of writing, for others, it is through the visual arts. The creative act in these instances, serves psyche first and foremost: art not for another’s eyes, but for the sake of soul tending!

Authentic Movement

There is wisdom in the body that differs from that of the rational intellect. Ritual movement, whether through dance, pilgrimage, or even walking meditation, can connect you with deep sources of insight.

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